t0reg: command line key-value registers

    <command> | curl -F 'RNEW=<-'
    or upload from the web:

The key RNEW was randomly chosen for you. DESCRIPTION This lets you POST data to a key of your choice. You can then GET the data at that key. This is useful for moving data / files between servers. All the data is stored temporarily. Make your key random if you don't want people guessing. EXAMPLES ~$ echo "hello world" | curl -F 'RNEW=<-' ~$ curl hello world Add this to your .bashrc: alias push="curl -F 'RNEW=<-'" alias pull="curl" Now you can pipe directly into push! Get the data back with pull. To move a file: ~$ cat kitten.jpg | base64 | push ~$ pull | base64 -d > kitten.jpg SOURCE CODE SEE ALSO